Music Samples

1. Poetry's Dead
2. Walk In The Clouds
3. Window To The Next World
4. Not Gonna Take It
5. After This
6. Stand Still
7. Straight Lines
8. Shine
9. Gotta Get Away
10. New Improved Me

Splinter - Window To The Next World

Splinter is a melting pot of rock, world and alternative pop with introspective lyrics and rhythmic energy taking the listener on intriguing journey.

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1. Guardians Of The Sky
2. Summer Star
3. Lake Of Dreams
4. Spirit Dance
5. Quiet Heart
6. Still The Moon
7. Starkness Of Winter
8. White Ship Of Hope
9. Angel Of Mercy

Two Worlds One - Still The Moon

We use our love for Traditional Irish and Nordic music and instruments to create this unique blend that incorporates our reverence for the great acoustic folk rock and pop music of the 70's.